Glenorchy City Council GIS

Water Plant and Equipment (Steel Plates)

The water plant and equipment layer contains the location and details about Council owned assets in the Glenorchy City Council municipal area. The dataset was created by digitisation off detail drawings and through precise GNSS survey. Currently this layer contains details regarding the location of steel plates protecting water mains in Tolosa Street.


Download SHP: GCC Water Plant And Equipment Shapefile

Download JSON: GCC Water PlantAnd Equipment JSON

Download KML: GCC WaterPlantAndEquipment KML

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Title: Water Plant And Equipment.

Description: Water plant and equipment related assets owned by Council.

License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia license.

Source: Design plans.

Currency: Data updated daily.

Completeness: Complete.

Attribute Accuracy: Variable.

Spatial Accuracy: Attributed per feature.

Spatial Coverage: GCC municipal area.

Custodian: Glenorchy City Council.

Contact: gis@gcc.tas.gov.au or (03) 6216 6800